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The Best Ways to Prevent Corrosion around Electrical Wiring

Alongside the insulation and plumbing, the wiring inside and outside of your home is usually one of those essentials that you won’t consider until there’s an issue. However, preventing these issues is often far cheaper and easier than fixing the damage later, and rusting and corrosion is one of the easiest to prevent.

Waiting for this problem to arise can also result in dangerous incidents, especially when it comes to electrical problems, as this can put your family at risk electric shocks or present a fire hazard to your property.

There are a variety of issues that can occur with electrical wiring, but most others relate to faulty fitting or bad wires, whilst electrical corrosion can happen in any instance where wiring could be exposed to the elements or worn over time. Whilst most wiring will have plastic or metal casings, both of these can also wear over time, and a coating of specialist rust or corrosion-resistant paint can greatly add to the life of your electrical wiring. These coatings can also be useful for preventing natural wear over time for indoor wiring, making the casings more hardwearing.

By protecting your wiring, you can prevent electrical corrosion for as long as possible, avoiding the costly need for buying and installing replacements, and paint and coatings are some of the most cost-effective solutions for protection.

How Corrosion Forms on Electrical Wiring

Before showing you the different paints and coatings you can use, it’s vital to understand how corrosion can occur on your electrical wiring.

Corrosion appears by moisture bumping into the metal areas of anything electric. Alongside this, the electrical current passing through the metal connections will attract and hold onto all sorts of tiny compounds such as dust; this will happen even if there is a tiny amount of electric current passing through. Slowly these compounds will build up into corrosion and will therefore break the connection of the electrical current.

Here are a few different paints and coatings you can use to help you prevent electrical corrosion to ensure safety for both your family and electrical system.

Rust-Resistant Paint

Rust-resistant paint is an excellent option for preventing corrosion, specially formulated to provide a tough barrier to external or internal signs of weathering. You can also buy paints that apply directly onto rusted metal, so in the case of a rusted wire casing, you could reinforce the structure with this sort of coating.

Waterproof Sealant

Waterproof sealants come in a variety of forms, from sprayable cans and tubes to paint, pastes or a thin wash.

Dialectic Grease

Working as a cheap and easy solution to your corrosion problems – dialectic grease is a silicone-based, non-conductive grease that is designed to prevent moisture and therefore seal out corrosion on electrical connectors. It is also used to disrupt the flow of electrical current, making it effective at sealing and lubricating the rubber areas of electrical connectors.

This grease is most effective when applied correctly as it will prevent almost all corrosion from even the beginning. Which is why it’s vital to plan ahead of time to apply the grease and protect any electrical connections that you believe may become corroded over time.

Electrical Contact Cleaner

This precise aerosol spray is available at most hardware or home stores, and is a quick solution working to dissolve and remove tarnish, dirt, oil, grease, dust, oxidation build-up and other deposits from electrical components.

Alkyd Enamels

Applied using a spray or brush roller, this coating allows for solid corrosion resistance for up to 3-5 years. Made to use for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, alkyd enamels also provide high-gloss colour and resistance against colour fading.

Polyurethane Coating

One of the best quality paints out there to prevent corrosion, withstanding the harshest environments and also lasts for up to 10 years. Applied by spraying, it provides a strong colour, long lasting gloss and is resistant to abrasion.

We hope this article was useful and provided some helpful options for preventing dangerous corrosion on your electrical wiring and its casings – however if you already think your wiring casings are looking worse for wear, don’t risk the safety of your home and family (or business and staff). Call a professional such as ourselves to come and do an examination, and if the wiring is unsafe, we will replace it and its casing to ensure there is no risk to residents or the property. Your safety comes first!

The information for this article was contributed by Trade Paint Direct is one of Europe’s best trade paint supplier, offering decorative, industrial and specialist trade paints for both domestic and commercial customers. Trade Paint offer a variety of water resistant, rust-resistant paint (some of which are mentioned in this article), and even specific corrosion inhibiting primer such as Owatrol CIP Corrosion Inhibiting Primer which can be used to prevent electrical corrosion and rusting.







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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Electricians and Their Services

The main purpose of an electrician is to provide a safe electric wiring system for the people to use. An electrician makes sure that there is a safe and reliable electric current flowing in the wires and outlets of an establishment. There are several types of electrician, usually categorized depending on their level of expertise and skills. Nevertheless, they share the same role to the society.

Industrial electricians are more skilled than the regular electricians. Large commercial buildings have a complex electrical wiring system that only industrial electricians can install properly. These electricians have undergone another set of training for this kind of job. Industrial electricians are typically employed through an agency. This agency is also responsible for their training. The more common type of electrician is the residential electrician. They are responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical wiring in the home. Although there services are not that complex as the industrial electricians, residential electricians should also be licensed. Most fire breakouts are usually caused by faulty wirings. Licensed electricians make sure that the wires and other electrical tools are high-quality to avoid unfortunate outcomes in the future.

Roles of an Electrician

Electricians working in new construction typically work from blueprints that an architect or builder has produced. These blueprints tell the electrician where outlets, switches, circuit breakers and lighting fixtures need to go. The electrician then determines the proper way to run the wiring needed. Electricians install conduits to hold wiring when needed, run the wires and connect them. Electricians who are still serving their apprenticeships cannot fill these roles without direct supervision. Licensed electricians can handle these tasks on their own. You can read the full article from the main source.

Problem solving is part of the job of a professional electrician. Troubleshooting equipment and diagnosing defects are a large part of being an electrician. If necessary, an electrician can rewire the entire electrical system of the home. They will do anything to provide the maximum safety of the members of the household. Aside from that, there are many other tasks that a licensed electrician can perform.

10 Surprising Facts About Electricians

In the highly hazardous field of electrical work, there is no room for error. Electricians who have become Master Electricians have been training through classroom work and hands-on experience for many years. After completing an apprenticeship and becoming a licensed electrician, they need to work in the field for 3 years before they can apply to be a Master Electrician, and their credentials are thoroughly checked. The full article can be found at

Professional electricians regularly perform safety checks in homes or establishments. They ensure that everything is still functioning. The best time to hire an electrician is during the construction of a building. Electricians should work alongside the engineers so that the proper electric system will be installed.

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Fundamentals of Being an Electrician

Being an electrician is not that easy. A person has to attend two-year training first before he or she gets certified. Aside from that, one has to complete an apprenticeship as well. However, as long you have the talent for electrical wiring, getting to that certification is very simple.

Electrical services have become one of the most in-demand services in the world. Due to rise of modern technology, more people have raised their standards in electrical system installation. This job is best for people who love to work in-field using their bare hands and some electric tools. This job could also become very risky at times, especially when you are dealing with high voltage wires. Besides installation, electricians also offer repair and maintenance of electrical wiring systems. Depending on their agency, they follow a strict code in these services to ensure their safety and the safety of their clients. If you wish to become an electrician, you can start by enrolling yourself in an electrical wiring workshop where you can learn the basics of electrical services. Once you complete your initial training, you can already start your apprenticeship. Things will get so much easier at that point.

Getting A Job As An Electrician

Anybody with a healthy determination to succeed can be an electrician. However, it doesn’t hurt to have an aptitude for mathematics and technical work – poets need not apply. The manual accuracy that electrical work demands means that you should also have good hand-eye co-ordination and eyesight. It also helps not to be colour-blind, as the ability to distinguish shades is essential when dealing with different wire colours. For the full article, visit

Getting a license is the tricky part. Not all electricians acquire a license after their training. Nevertheless, its application is still available for everyone as long as they are qualified for it. Obtaining a full license may take some time. But you can still search for small electrical jobs while waiting for it. Your training certificate is enough to land a small-time job. After you get your license, you can then apply for big-time jobs.

Working as an electrician in Australia

To be able to work in many different trades in Australia, you are required to hold a license for the occupation. Unfortunately there is not one single licensing body for all trades. This is due to the fact that licensing requirements vary throughout the different States of Australia. Generally speaking any electrical work MUST be done by a licensed electrician. It is common for many foreign trained electricians to work as a trade assistant for a construction or electrical company, however you are not allowed to undertake any electrical work if you are not licensed. Visit the main source for the full article.

It is never too late to become an electrician. As long as you have the desire to become one, its requirements are just easy to achieve. To get started, simply search for institutions in your local area which offer cheap training for electrical services. A professional electrician will then guide you to the path of being a licensed electrician.

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Understanding the Services of an Electrician

Electrical services are extremely important for any establishment. They can only be performed by professionals called electricians or technicians. Electricians have undergone years of training before they could get certified in their field of work. A license is evidence that they have completed their training. The training program for electricians typically includes electrical power, control, and electrical construction. Electricians are responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of the electrical system of an establishment, including homes.

During the installation of an electrical system, professional electricians do some testing on the wires and other equipment first. They troubleshoot any issues that occur during the test. After installation, they can offer regular maintenance to the wiring system of their clients. They follow strict guidelines that are set by their agency. They make sure that the electrical equipment is still in condition. They repair any faulty electrical wiring, if there are any. Expert electricians keep a record of any faults that occurred in an establishment. This is to avoid any problems in the future. In a society where electricity is a basic need, hiring a professional electrician is already a must.

What Is An Electrical Technician

The term electrical technician can refer to more than one position such as an entry level electrician or a technician that works in multiple areas not related to electrical construction work. Read the entire post at

There should be several local electricians near you. They are your first option. You should always consider the location of your electrician so that in case you need emergency assistance for your electrical system, you can call them right away. Aside from that, you should also look for licensed electricians. Only licensed electricians can perform electrical tasks efficiently.

The Importance Of Hiring A Licensed Electrician

Licensed electricians are licensed because they have gone through the training and testing necessary to do the job safely and correctly. After years of training on the job and in the classroom, licensed electricians are required to complete an exam that tests their full understating. This process allows electricians to enter the field with the right knowledge and experience under their belts. Read the entire article from its main source.

You should always make sure that your electrical system is properly installed by an expert technician. Most faulty wirings are caused by improper installation of electrical wires. Licensed technicians are trained individuals so they can provide the needed electrical services in a professional manner. You can get started in your search for a licensed electrician through the internet.

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Getting to the Right Electrician

The services of an electrician are critical in the construction of a home or commercial building. Electricians are responsible for installing an electric wiring system in buildings. They also provide electric repair services to residential and commercial establishments. When you seek their services, you would want to make sure that you are employing the right people. Electric wiring should be carefully installed because it can cause extreme danger if there is faulty wiring or improper installation. Therefore, choosing the right electrician is your only choice.

The best way to find a professional electrician is through the referral of a friend or relative. If you are unfortunate with this option, you can always search through the internet. Electric service agencies have professional electricians under them. So if you need electric services, simply call them for professional help. Electricians must be licensed and insured by their agencies. These certifications will help you make sure that a trained electrician is working in your electrical system. Do not just depend on someone who has basic knowledge about electric wiring. Electricians have to be trained to professionally install wirings in a building.

6 Tips for Hiring a Good Electrician

When you seek the services of a professional electrician to perform electrical repairs in your home or workplace, you want to ensure that the person you engage is of course qualified, certified and insured, but also highly skilled and experienced in carrying out electrical services and electrical repairs. However, it is difficult to know whether this will be the case just by speaking to someone on the phone. Read the full article from the main article source.

Professional electricians should also be insured. Because of the nature of their work, they should have an insurance ready in case of accidents. If you are employing an uninsured electrician, you will have to pay for the hospital bills in case a mishap happens during his work. It is normal to anticipate unfortunate scenarios with this type of work.

Tips: Hiring the right electrician.

A lot of serious contractor related problems can be averted by doing just a little research. After nineteen years in the trade, I have found that if both home and business owners follow these tips, they almost always have a pleasant experience: The entire article can be found at

There should be a number of electricians in your local area. Local electricians are advisable because they can provide you with emergency services in case of unexpected situations. You will definitely get the right electrician once you follow the above tips. You will then have a peace of mind that you are living in a home where there is a properly-installed wiring system by a professional electrician.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Ultimate Guide on Getting an Electrician

An electrician is a person that specializes in the installation and maintenance of electrical wiring of buildings and electronic machines. Although they are more focused on electrical wiring of buildings, they can also handle other tasks such as wiring airplanes, ships, and cars. They are also responsible for the stable electric supply in the home. Electricians have undergone years of study about the principles of electricity. They understand the technicalities of electric wires and cables. They can handle electric jobs that are very dangerous for people without any knowledge about how electricity works.

You will need the assistance of an electrician at some point in your life. If you are a homeowner, you may need the expertise of an electrician if you are experiencing electric issues in your home. If you want to expand or improve the lighting in your residence, an electrician is all you need. When hiring an electrician, it is important that he must have an electrical license. You should not take the risk in getting an unlicensed electrician to install electrical wiring in your home. It puts you and every member of your household in great danger.

How to Hire an Electrician

It may be the case that you have noticed one or a few electrical problems around your home or office and realise that it is time to call in the services of an electrician. Making a call to an individual electrician or electrical service can seem simple enough, but it is important to know that electricians are not all one and the same – there are key qualities and characteristics that you should look for when appointing an electrician. Read the full article here.

It is important for you to know that electricians are not only useful when electrical issues arise. You will also need a licensed electrician to conduct a regular maintenance to your building. Electrical maintenance is vital to prevent any fire breakouts, which are usually caused by faulty wiring. It would also be risky for you to do the maintenance by yourself, especially if you do not have a full knowledge about electricity.

Not carrying out required maintenance of power system equipment

We may look at maintenance costs as an overhead expense and because everyone is trying to keep costs down, it often gets overlooked. However, the cost of unexpected service interruptions and loss of production can run into the thousands for some companies and is downright frustrating for households. It is better to invest than experience the frustrations and expense of neglect. See more at

You can get the assistance of an electrician at low costs. Professional electricians do not usually charge their clients for too much if the job is just a minor one, such as an outlet repair. The rates for major electrical jobs vary depending on the electrician. Only seek for an electrician whom you could trust.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Getting the Right Electrician

Any homeowner knows what an electrician is and what he does. Electricians are responsible for installing electric outlets in a building. It is not an easy task and they are specially trained for it. It is important that the electrical wirings in a building are properly installed by a professional electrician. The usual reason for fire outbreaks is faulty electrical wirings. Without proper electrical wiring in your home, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. Therefore, you need to find the right electrician starting today.

Hiring an electrician is not only necessary during the construction of a building, but you will also need one for the regular check-up and maintenance on your electric wirings and outlets. The first thing that you need to look for in an electrician is someone with a license. An electrician can only get his license once he has completed his years of study and training. A professional electrician is a licensed one. You might still be wondering what an electrical license is and why an electrician should need that before he could get a regular job in his field. The answers can be found online.

What is an electrical licence?

While licensing for electricians is required in all states/territories, the requirements still vary depending on where you live. Licences can be secured for a special class or type of electrical work. This can also be issued to a contractor, an electrical worker, anyone supervising the electrical work, or a trainee. With a proper licence or registration, you can assure anyone you work for or with that you can carry out the wiring or installation work properly. Read the full article here.

Once you have found a reliable and licensed electrician, your next concern is their rates. Electricians charge their clients differently depending on the difficulty of the job. There are major and minor electrical jobs that a licensed electrician could handle. Some of the major ones include electrical wiring installation for large buildings, wiring repair for cables, and installation of electricity in rural areas. Home light repair, light installation on gates, and addition of electrical outlets in the home are considered minor tasks for veteran electricians.

How Much do Electricians Charge?

If you need the expertise of an electrician, expect to pay around $75/hr for an average job. For minor electrical work, sparkies can offer you a budget rate of $65/hr. However, if you have a difficult task, the cost of your job can reach a premium rate of $80/hr. Read more here:

Having a licensed electrician gives you a lot of benefits. Whenever you experience electrical problems in your home, you can always call your electrician for help. Licensed electricians also find the best ways of keeping your home safe and secure from any fire breakouts due to faulty electrical wirings.

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